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Algae Prevention for 90 Days Guaranteed with FROG Leap


Algae is a pool owner’s worst nightmare. But a single dose of FROG Leap ALL-OUT ensures only pleasant dreams all season long.  Unlike most algae preventatives that need weekly doses, FROG Leap ALL-OUT is one dose that guarantees an algae-free pool for 90 full days.  It also helps protect the pool all winter long so spring opening is a lot easier. ALL-OUT dispenses (without a spill!) through any FROG Leap System in less than 90 minutes.



  • Uniquely dispenses through the FROG Leap Infuzer®
  • Prevents algae messes for up to 90 days
  • Part of the Pool Wake Up!® / Pool Hibernation Kit®
  • Each bottle treats up to 15,000 gallons


SKU: 01-10-7872

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