Closing Your Pool 



Closing Your Pool

Winterizing is the most important thing you can do to make your spring pool opening as easy as possible. There are enormous benefits to correctly closing your pool, including:


  • Protecting your pool surfaces and equipment; protecting your investmentsKeeping water looking its best all winter long


  • Protecting equipment from freeze damage



  •  Saving time and money on extra maintenance when you open your pool

        Whether you completely cover your pool or just reduce maintenance, BioGuard® can make            winterizing painless. Convenient Arctic Blue® Winter Kits include the products you need for            cold weather care.

Pool Cover Care 

A few simple steps will maintain or extend the life of your solar blanket.

Handle with Care
Be sure to lift your solar blanket over sharp, rough, or ragged items when placing your blanket on the pool and when removing. Sharp, rough, and/or ragged surfaces can damage your swimming pool cover!

Protection from High Temperatures
Water temperatures above 90° F can shorten the life of your solar blanket. If pool temperatures rise above 90°, remove your solar blanket and place it in the shade or cover it with an opaque white protective cover. Direct rays from the sun can cause delamination and will void your warranty.

Maintain Proper Chemical Levels
Monitor chlorine levels to ensure they do not pass 3 parts per million (PPM). If you need to raise chlorine levels to more than 3ppm, be sure to remove your solar blanket. This includes the use of chlorine pool shock (oxydizer). Do not put the solar blanket on the pool immediately after shocking – wait until morning so chemical levels can return to normal. Damage caused by chemicals will void your warranty.

Your solar blank will heat the water more effectively and last longer if you keep it clean. You can do this by hosing off leaves and debris and cleaning it with a soft brush.

When pool season ends, clean your solar blanket and allow it to dry thoroughly. Fold it on the seams and roll it from one end. Place the blanket in a clean, dry area, free of rodents and out of the reach of pets. The storage temperature must be below 120° F.

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