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How is BioGuard’s ALEX water testing different?

Here accuracy counts and we have it! Our test is fast and much more accurate than a simple dip of a test strip at poolside or a self-driven analysis using a computer or mobile application. That’s because we test for several parameters beyond the basics to understand how they may be influencing each other in order to avoid trial and error. Being right the first time saves you time and money.

On top of that, our local water care experts have been trained and certified. They will walk you through the results and are happy to explain anything you might have questions about. Our ALEX recommendations will be sound based upon the way you care for your pool and the accumulated knowledge of all your previous water tests.

Our goal is that you will not only be satisfied with the performance results, but that you gain confidence in the products and advice you receive.


Why should I test my water?

It is crucial to test the water in your swimming pool to ensure a clean and safe experience for you and your family. Without proper balance, not only can the water be uncomfortable, but the sanitizer may be less effective. This would allow bacteria to begin growing if left untreated. Furthermore, proper water chemistry protects the pool and equipment from corrosion and preventable damage. 


How often should I get my water tested?

We recommend testing your water at home, weekly, so that you have an understanding of the pool chemistry. Next, you should have your water tested professionally at least once per month. However, if you happen to see that results are off balance while testing at home, then have it tested professionally. This will ensure that you know the exact steps to take for your pool to be perfect once more.

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