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Sanitizers to Clean Water

Killing bacteria and preventing algae is a vital step

Sanitizers are the key ingredients of proper pool maintenance. Chlorine and bromine keep the water clear, protected from bacteria and help control algae. They are part of the BioGuard® 3-Step Pool Care System.

The SilkGuard Complete® advantage
  • The best BioGuard sanitizers feature a unique blend of premium technologies that are found ONLY at BioGuard dealers

  • SilkGuard technology makes water soft and smooth and prevents scaling, protects against corrosion and metal staining

  • SmartGuard® technology makes tabs and sticks last longer than plain white chlorine products

For routine weekly application that provides BioGuard’s best performance

SilkGuard Complete® Tabs/Sticks

  • All pools. All pumps. All applications.

  • Unique compressed blue sanitizer tabs or sticks that dissolve much slower when the pump is turned off due to our SmartGuard® technology.

  • Contains algae fighting crystals for improved performance

  • Can be used with the 3-Step BioGuard Care System


For routine application that provides basic performance


BioGuard® Basic Tabs

  • 3" white compressed trichlor tablets

  • Stabilized chlorinating agent

  • Floater, skimmer and chlorinator use

  • Can be used with the 3-Step BioGuard Care System


Granular sanitizers for daily/as-needed use


Super Soluble™

  • Quick-dissolving granules

  • Excellent for sanitizing small vinyl-lined pools

  • Broadcast application use only

  • Can be used with the 3-Step BioGuard Care System

Fast-acting chlorinating liquid

Chlorinating Liquid

Chlorinating Liquid

  • Kills algae and bacteria

  • Salt system compatible

  • Calcium free


A chlorine-free alternative


Brominating Tablets

  • Ideal sanitizer for indoor pools, highly effective for above-ground and in-ground pools

  • Excellent alternative to chlorinating products

  • Applied through a brominator


For advanced systems providing the best in performance, comfort, and simplicity


Torpedo Pac

  • Prefilled cartridges for no mess, no guess, no stress

  • 2 lb. for Frog Leap and 4 lb. for Frog Leap Twin

  • With less chlorine, it’s easier on skin and helps protect pool surfaces

  • For use only in Frog Leap and Frog Leap Twin


Anti-Bac Mineral Pac

  • Built for ease of mind lasting up to 6 months

  • Prefilled cartridges for no mess, no guess, no stress

  • Kills bacteria 2 ways with minerals and chlorine

  • For use only in Frog Leap and Frog Leap Twin

  • Lower your chlorine use up to 50%* with minerals

Still not sure which sanitizer is best for you?

We can help you find the right product to keep your pool beautiful all summer long!


Call us today!

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