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BioGuard 3-Step Care System


The sun is finally creeping out from behind the clouds, and although it felt as if it would never end… winter is finally over! And the best thing about that? It’s nearly pool season!

Before you pour the celebratory cocktails and invite the entire neighborhood over for a soiree in the sun, you’ll need to ensure your pool is summer-ready.

When you’re in winter hibernation mode, it’s easy to let your pool maintenance fall by the wayside. Luckily, we’re here to help with the BioGuard 3 Step Program. If your pool is in desperate need of a spring clean, this is the fail-safe method for crystal clear water every time.

Step 1 – Healthy water

Properly sanitized water is essential for a healthy pool. A sanitizer, often referred to as chlorine or salt (for salt pools), is the product that will keep your water healthy by destroying bacteria. If you only treat your pool with sanitiser, however, it won’t perform at the optimal level.

Treating your pool with ONLY a sanitizer will mean:

  • Only 20% of the sanitizer kills bacteria

  • 40% is used to clear cloudy water

  • 40% is used to kill algae

Sanitizer is the foundation of all good pool maintenance programs. But as the 3 Step Program outlines, the product can only reach its full potential when used in conjunction with other treatments.

BioGuard SilkGuard Complete is a fantastic option for standard chlorine pools. With a concentrated formula (so you use less), and containing water enhancing agents, it’s a product that will save you money while also making your water silky smooth.

Step 2 – Sparkling water

We’d argue that there’s nothing better than sparkling crystal clear water, and to achieve that you’re going to have to use an oxidizer! An oxidizer works by removing all the impurities from the water – allowing the sanitiser to get to work! And, as an added benefit, it also makes the water more comfortable for swimmers. This combination puts you ahead of the pack, but if you don’t make it the trifecta, you’re still missing out.

If you only follow Steps 1 and 2:

  • 60% of the sanitizer will be killing bacteria

  • 40% of the sanitizer is working to remove algae

BioGuard Smart Shock is a patented maintenance oxidizer designed to improve sanitizer efficiency. It dissolves almost immediately, allowing swimmers back into the water after an hour!

Step 3 – From green to clean

Algae spores are always lurking in your pool water, waiting to bloom in the right conditions. To remove the spores from the water and keep your pool from turning the dreaded green, you need to add an algaecide to your maintenance program.

Using an algaecide frees the sanitiser, so:

  • 100% of your sanitiser is working to remove harmful bacteria

BioGuard Algae Complete fights against a variety of algae and won’t affect your water balance. And remember, you can always visit us for assistance in finding the best products that cater to your pool maintenance needs.

Follow our simple 3 Step Program and we guarantee your sanitizer will work at peak efficiency. Delivering you perfect pool water and saving you money! Now that’s a reason to break out the cocktails and celebrate!

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