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Safety covers keep out the light and organic debris during the closed season. Pool covers are an energy saving solution, since they conserve water and reduce chemical consumption. At the same time, covers reduce cleaning time – since it keeps dirt out of the pool.

Key Benefits:



One of the most important benefits of safety pool covers is their potential to prevent accidents. They are a necessity for pool owners with small children or pets. Safety covers are made from solid vinyl or woven mesh material. They are made to be pulled tightly across the pool and secured using straps that attach to anchors installed around the pool’s perimeter.

Pool covers can keep children and pets out of the water if either are left unattended near the pool. This is why safety pool covers are recommended over standard covers. Safety pool covers can help you avoid a worst case scenario, making it well worth the investment.


With less energy spent refilling your pool, covers can lower your energy bill. On top of water conservation, pool covers save energy by holding in the water’s heat. Without a pool cover, you are left to constantly expend extra energy heating your pool. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, pool covers are one of the best energy efficiency solutions for your pool. The more energy you save, the kinder you are to both the environment and your wallet.


If they are solid and not translucent, pool covers can also reduce algae growth in your pool. They block the sunlight that encourages algae growth. If you closed your pool with this type of cover and the pool was chemically balanced properly and clear of all leaves and other debris, you will have a better chance of the pool being clean when you open it next season.

Safety Cover Brochures

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