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For all of your aquatic needs, look no further—we are a leading pool dealer of Doughboy, Fox Pools, Hayward, Pentair, BioGuard, and more. We specialize in swimming pools, pellet grills, hot tubs, pool service, water treatments, and more!

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5 Reasons to get an
Above Ground Pool

1. Above ground pools cost less.
Above ground pools, on average, cost less than inground swimming pools. In fact, you’ll save thousands by purchasing an above ground pool. They are a great option if you want a pool for family fun, pool parties, fitness, and relaxation.
2. Installation is quick and easy.
While inground pools take weeks to install, you can have an above ground pool set up in your dream backyard in as little as just one day.
3. They don't take up a lot of space.
Has the size of your backyard kept you from getting a pool? Well, if you don’t have much space, an above ground pool is the perfect solution. Above ground pools come in many sizes. They work in a wide variety of backyards. Plus, don’t forget, installation is easy, and there is much less dirt mess.
4. Moving? Just take it with you.
Above ground pools can be moved and relocated easily by disassembling them and then reassembling once you arrive at your new home.
5. Maintenence is super easy.
Pool maintenance is easier because all of the parts are accessible and not hidden. Parts are also easy to inspect and/or repair. You should be able to clean and maintain your pool with ease.

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Caldwell Pools InGround

Free Water Testing

Free water analysis continues in 2023 

with any $5 purchase.


Water Testing Kit

BioGuard Dealer


There are five key reasons a BioGuard Dealer is your best choice. They are highly trained, well-equipped, experienced, friendly, focused and trustworthy. Visit your local dealer and discover the BioGuard Expert Advantage for yourself.


Above Ground Pools


Shop the best selection of Above Ground Pools. Browse our complete line of Doughboy and Embassy pools.

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In-Ground Pools 


What is your backyard dream? At Caldwell Pools we offer a wide variety of features and more to customize your backyard dreams. Colored lighting, water features, diving boards, and slides can transform your backyard experience into something spectacular.  Fox offers a variety of stair options, including Walk-In®, Swim-Out, and vinyl covered steel.  Interior benches and the Fox Buddy Seat® provide a place to cool off while hydrotherapy jets give you a relaxing, in-pool massage.   Most accessories are available in white or gray.  Fox also offers many rail options to meet your needs.

Fox Inground Pool.jpg
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