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Complete Hot Tub Sanitizing Floater creates Fresh Mineral Water


FROG Serene keeps your hot tub clean while eliminating the work and the guesswork. Instead of spooning in chlorine daily, you simply replace a pre-filled cartridge about once a month. FROG Serene works by killing bacteria in two ways with sanitizing minerals and a very low level of bromine. The resulting Fresh Mineral Water® has a completely different quality that provides the serene feeling you’re looking for.


  • Lower your bromine use up to 50%* with FROG minerals

  • Unlike chlorine, bromine slowly dissolves in hot water so it’s easier to regulate. Plus far less odors.

  • Bromine is less impacted by pH swings ensuring sanitizing effectiveness

  • Soft feeling water that’s easier on skin, swimsuits and spa surfaces

  • Just set it and forget it for weeks at a time

  • Money back guarantee

FROG® Serene® Floating System

SKU: 01-14-3883

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