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The Salem sauna is designed for those with a long to-do list and an eye for efficiency. Built to accommodate two people, this 6’x4’ traditional sauna will be at home in any backyard or home gym. Its compact design brings the sauna experience to your door without compromising space. Paired with a Harvia 4.5kW electric heater, you will be basking in temperatures of 195ºF in an hour. Or, turn the dial to delay the start time up to eight hours, knock off your to-do list, and relax in the rewarding heat: the choice is yours!


    • Ball-and-socket lumber: 1-3/8″ thick
    • Any glass features are tempered 
    • Stainless steel bands, hinges, and fasteners
    • Interior LED light
    • Cedar heater guard
    • Weather-resistant plastic support cradles
    • Two opposite-facing benches for sitting or reclining
    • Indoor or outdoor usage
    • Hand-crafted lumber profiles and end sections
    • Limited lifetime warranty on the sauna room; five years on the heater
    • Best-in-class electric heater & sauna stones
    • Made in the USA

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