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Canopy Barrel Saunas

The Canopy Barrel Sauna Series features an exterior canopy porch that provides charming ambiance for the outdoor yard, garden or patio setting. The canopy traditional saunas are modular kits that are available in cedar and can be built in multiple person sizes. Barrel saunas have several electric and wood-burning heater options that are available based on the size of the sauna room. View a breakdown of all the canopy barrel saunas here.




The design of the Vienna barrel sauna is an Almost Heaven original. The front wall section is set back to enhance the look of the sauna with a functional and decorative porch. This is lovely for setting your towels or cold drinks outside of the sauna or for taking a cooling off break. The Vienna is a 2-person sauna that comes in rustic fir, rustic cedar, and clear cedar.


The Vienna 2-person canopy barrel sauna is designed with a ball-and-socket profile, held in place by sturdy stainless steel bands and minimal fasteners. This arrangement allows the lumber staves to expand and contract to form a tight seal, and the unit sits on polymer support cradles that loft the sauna’s undercarriage off the ground. The Vienna sauna is known for its efficiency, even distribution of heat, and visual appeal. By taking the front round section and setting it back into the sauna, we’ve created a visually appealing and useful outside sitting area—a place to hold towels or drinks or to serve as a relaxing place to cool off between sauna rounds.