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Barrel Saunas

The Classic outdoor barrel sauna series by Almost Heaven Saunas has been a signature product for nearly 40 years. This simple design is highly effective, providing maximum useable space while minimizing excess cubic feet, which means the sauna will heat quickly and efficiently. The Barrel Saunas feature full-length sauna rooms. The front and rear walls are positioned at the ends of the sauna for maximum interior space and full-length benches. Available in several different types of lumber, the Classic Series barrel steam saunas are easy-to-assemble kits that range from 2 to 8 persons in size. View a breakdown of all the classic barrel saunas here.




The Salem 2-person barrel sauna is of simple design and is highly effective, providing maximum usable space while minimizing excess cubic feet. This allows for the sauna to heat quickly and efficiently. This model is available in rustic fir, rustic cedar, and clear cedar.


The Salem 2-person barrel sauna is a design that has been an Almost Heaven signature for over 40 years. It is  assembled using a ball-and-socket profile held in place by stainless steel bands and minimal fasteners. The significance of this configuration is that it maintains a reliable seal while allowing the lumber to expand and contract. The entire unit is mounted on polymer support cradles that loft the undercarriage of the sauna and keep it from coming in direct contact with any moisture on the ground.


The Salem 2-person barrel sauna comes partially assembled and features stainless steel hardware, thick tempered glass, and high-grade softwood with smooth edges. It is available in rustic cedar, clear cedar, or rustic fir. The Salem also comes with a long cylindrical handle that is stainless steel on the outside and wooden on the inside. This sauna also includes a standard LED light bar to give your sauna a soft accented glow.